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November 7, 2023

FaZe Clan and SteelSeries Partner to Launch Exclusive Co-Branded Gaming Gear at Best Buy

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North American esports brand, FaZe Clan, has partnered with gaming peripherals brand SteelSeries to introduce an innovative range of co-branded gaming gear. This collection includes a computer mouse, mousepad, headset, and keyboard, all prominently featuring FaZe Clan's iconic logo and color scheme. The collaboration aims to cater to the preferences of dedicated fans and players who want to align themselves with their favorite esports organization.

FaZe Clan and SteelSeries Partner to Launch Exclusive Co-Branded Gaming Gear at Best Buy

Exclusive Availability at Best Buy

FaZe Clan-branded SteelSeries products will be exclusively available at North American retailer Best Buy, both in-store and online. This partnership highlights the accessibility and global reach of the collaboration. By offering the products at a popular retailer, FaZe Clan and SteelSeries can attract a wide range of customers.

Inspiration From Multiverse Pattern

The limited-edition range of gaming gear draws inspiration from FaZe Clan's 'multiverse' pattern, showcasing the organization's distinctive black and red color scheme. This design choice adds a unique touch to the products and appeals to fans who want to showcase their support for FaZe Clan.

Implications for the Industry

The development of co-branded gaming gear has significant implications for the esports industry. It provides opportunities for esports organizations to enhance their brand presence and engage with dedicated fans and players. Additionally, the exclusive availability of FaZe Clan-branded SteelSeries products at Best Buy demonstrates the potential for retailers to attract customers through limited-edition collaborations. This partnership also highlights the potential for innovation in the gaming peripherals industry by incorporating iconic logos and color schemes that cater to the preferences of dedicated esports fans.

Image Credit: FaZe Clan, SteelSeries

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