November 8, 2023

Upcoming Changes in LoL Patch 13.23: Meta Adjustments and More

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Now that Patch 13.22 is officially on the live servers, let’s take a look at the upcoming Patch 13.23 coming to LoL.

Upcoming Changes in LoL Patch 13.23: Meta Adjustments and More

What changes are coming?

Patch 13.22 introduced nerfs to powerful picks in the meta and adjustments to champions like Seraphine and Janna to improve their role as supports. Mid lane mages also received attack speed buffs to make their auto attacks smoother and more consistent.

A vision adjustment will impact high Elos in the ranked ladder, reducing the reveal radius and duration of attacks to prevent teammates from being revealed while clearing wards.

As season 13 comes to an end, preparations for the new pre-season in January with Patch 14.1 are underway. Before that, Patch 13.23 will bring back LoL Arena and introduce a few more meta adjustments.

Release Date

Patch 13.23 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 21. This will be followed by one more patch before the end of season 13.

Impact on the meta

The specific changes in the upcoming patch have not been leaked yet. However, it is expected that Riot will focus on nerfing overperforming picks from Patch 13.22 and buffing underplayed picks.

Senna has already received a nerf in the current patch, and champions like Nilah and Jarvan IV might also be targeted for adjustments.

Tentative Changes

There are no leaked changes for Patch 13.23 at the moment. Stay tuned for updates in the next few days!

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