February 24, 2022

New CoD: Warzone Map Review

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The Call of Duty series has for years been an important franchise for the esport betting community. If readers are interested in this subject, they can utilize esportRanker to gain further insight. High-profile CoD tournaments feature well-known pro players competing to win prize pools worth millions of dollars. CoD: Warzone has become particularly popular due to its battle royale-style gameplay and the fact that the base game is free.

New CoD: Warzone Map Review

On November 9, a new Warzone map was dropped. Instead, Pacific Caldera takes the game back to its WWII roots and is integrated with the recent Vanguard update. If it proves to be popular, Caldera could end up being the favored map for CoD competitions. This would lead to it also being featured in the markets of esport betting sites. However, before that can happen, it will need to impress the gaming public.

An uneasy start

When new game updates are released, there tends to be a few teething problems. Bugs may need fixing, or players might miss the older content. The main complaint in terms of the performance of Caldera is the fact it runs on the same engine as Modern Warfare (2019). Fans were expecting an overhaul of the system rather than simply adding new maps and weapons to the existing one.

Despite this, the development team has included impressive visual fidelity, a great-looking damage layer system, and even added elements from the famous Black Ops series. So while Caldera might not be the massive system update fans were expecting, it still delivers in terms of a fun CoD experience.

What new elements does Caldera bring?

Verdansk has been the main map of Warzone for some time. Online esports betting fans may recognize the map as it is a favorite among CoD professionals. However, it is a mainly urban environment that emphasizes the use of buildings for cover. Caldera is a very different beast. The map is much more rural, with plenty of foliage to hide in. However, the main element that will affect CoD Warzone betting is the more significant amount of aerial combat.

Caldera is made up of 15 different regions. Each appears somewhat unique, giving the entire map a greater sense of diversity. There are beaches, ruins, and an airfield to explore. The changes are not just limited to the content. The play system itself has been changed to make gameplay much fairer.

Improvements for online betting

One of the significant concerns of esports betting is the possibility of players cheating. Raven Software, the team behind Warzone, has taken measures to minimize users taking advantage of vulnerabilities. This includes the nerfing of melee weapons, sensors, and stuns. In addition, stopping Power is no longer available as a field upgrade. 

Finally, when players win the Gulag minigame, they respawn with their in-Gulag items. As a result, esport betting tips for the game could be simplified. In addition, there are fewer variables to consider when making a wager. The new changes will likely make Caldera popular with both players and gamblers.

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