September 1, 2022

N1 Bet and Partners Offer Unique Promos

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N1 Partners Group, the parent company of N1 Bet, announced the winner of its new promotional campaign called ‘Mystery Drops.’ Offering the chance to win a lucrative pot, the promo affords players double fun while playing Slot Hunter. 

N1 Bet and Partners Offer Unique Promos

During game play, players simultaneously enter prize draws. With unique, one-of-a-kind promos, the company continues to enhance esport betting features. As an industry pioneer, it is creatively adapting promotions to align with cultures around the world. As a newer sportsbook, N1 Bet is offering similar promotions to attract customers.

Offering three levels to players, including Major, Grand, and Mega, the progressive prizes award real money to winners. Players may win as much as 500,000 euros during the promotional timeframe. N1 Partners began the promos via online casino operations. To date, winners have received more than 2500 different prizes at online esports betting sites in the company’s portfolio, such as Fight Club and N1 Bet. Promotions continue to evolve as the company offers incentives at esport betting sites and other sites, like Slot Hunter.

Slot Hunter

Slot Hunter Casino offers exciting thrills for novice and seasoned bettors. From masked bandits to themed slots, the company offers diverse types of games to play. Bonuses and promotions attract players to participate in the casino’s extensive collection of gaming activities at the best esports betting sites. Offering a welcome bonus and loyalty rewards, Slot Hunter leverages the power of casino gaming to keep players interested. It’s action movie themes and classic fruit reels appeal to gamers from diverse backgrounds.

About N1 Partners Group

N1 Partners Group is gaming provider offering a variety of high-quality online betting websites and products. The brands in the company’s portfolio include well-respected casinos like fight Club, N1 Bet, and Joo Casino.

When asked, the promotion’s winner enthusiastically admitted to being surprised at the win. He plans to purchase bicycle equipment to take his son on a biking tour.

N1 Partners Group quickly offered the winning player a sincere congratulations. Yaroslav Laptev is chief product officer and plans to roll out additional prizes to reward customers who play.

Psychology Behind Casino Promotions

As online gambling becomes increasingly popular, experts are evaluating how advertising impacts players. Promotions and incentives may increase the desire to wager on games of chance and lead to gambling problems. Lobbying groups claim that advertising has a role in the evolution of how people view gambling across the globe. 

Sleek ads featuring beautiful people winning millions glamourizes gambling to sell lottery tickets and casino games. According to these groups, repetitive advertising and promotions has sparked the widespread acceptance of gaming, which people once viewed as get-rich fast schemes. Opponents of casino promotions value traditional values, like education, responsibility, hard work, and perseverance.

Gaming industry executives defend promotional marketing by indicating that advertising never emphasizes negativity, and that the business of casinos is entertainment and fantasy. By offering a measurable and real reward, N1 Bet and other N1 Partners Group casinos indicate a reasonable commitment to responsible advertising.

Socially responsible promotions reflect a pattern of protecting customers and adhering to codes of practice. While casino ads have long sought to normalize gambling, advertisements and promotions often trigger addictive behaviors. Reputable brands review advertising policies to ensure the implementation of best practices.

Responsible Advertising

Loto-Quebec offers one example of good advertising practices. After performing a review of the company’s advertising, it integrated vital marketing and advertising policies. Here are a few of the company’s practices:

  • Under the marketing policy, the company bans all overly aggressive ads, rejects promos that attract underage gamblers, and refrains from using representatives who are popular with youths. In addition, the company refuses to advertise on programs, which mainly target minors.
  • The company highlights the odds to ensure that players are aware of the chances of winning. Loto-Quebec specifically addressed this point, which groups seek to promote more responsible advertising related to gambling.
  • By presenting television commercials that devote airtime to warning players of gambling dangers and promoting help lines, the company promotes responsible gambling.
  • The company’s policy also bans targeting of specific groups while promoting a product. For example, the company suspended an instant lottery product, which members of the Chinese community did not like. The community members did not want to see reference to traditional customs in the promotion of a game. Respecting the community, executives pulled the ad.

N1’s Unique Promotion

N1 Partners Group integrates a multifunctional aggregator to facilitate promotional projects, which enables the company to develop unique campaigns for prize drawings. Users may participate by playing online casino games while simultaneously entering drawings for prizes. If a player wins one of the three levels in the campaign, including major, grand, or mega, he walks away with a lucrative jackpot. 

Offering progressive prizes, the promotional incentive is attracting significant participation from new and loyal casino players. By implementing responsible promotions, casinos may help create entertaining experiences while maintaining responsible advertising policies.

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