November 17, 2023

Grubby: From Warcraft 3 Legend to Dota 2 Immortal Rank

Ethan Lim
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Grubby, a renowned esports veteran, has recently achieved the prestigious Immortal rank in Dota 2. This remarkable feat showcases his transition from an old-school Warcraft 3 player and caster to an absolute Dota 2 gigachad.

Grubby: From Warcraft 3 Legend to Dota 2 Immortal Rank

Grubby's Background

Grubby has an impressive history in Warcraft 3, with 38 LAN titles and six World Championships to his name. He has played for top-tier teams such as 4Kings, Evil Geniuses, and MeetYourMakers. After retiring from professional play, he remained active in the gaming community, focusing on streaming and casting for games like Heroes of the Storm and Age of Empires.

Transition to Dota 2

Last year, Grubby decided to pivot to Dota 2, a decision that has proven to be fruitful. His journey to Immortal rank started at 680 MMR (Herald rank) in September 2022 and he climbed to an impressive 5643 MMR. This consistent performance and adaptability in the game have garnered admiration from fans and players alike.

Future Possibilities

With his achievement of reaching Immortal rank, questions arise about Grubby's future in professional Dota 2. While it is unlikely that he will go pro, there is speculation that he may pursue a career in casting or become a desk host for Dota 2 events. Additionally, there is a possibility that he may try his hand at competitive play at the amateur level, potentially playing with Janne 'Gorgc' Stefanovski, who currently plays for Team Bald Reborn.

Grubby's Skills in Dota 2

Grubby's expertise honed in Warcraft 3 has proven to be advantageous in Dota 2, particularly his skills with micro-heavy heroes. His ability to handle complex heroes with ease has helped him climb the ranks faster. It remains to be seen if Grubby will continue to climb the ranks and aim for a 10K or 12K MMR.


Whether Grubby chooses to pursue a casting career or continues to excel in streaming and content creation, his achievements in Dota 2 add an impressive chapter to his already distinguished esports legacy. His presence in the Dota 2 scene brings a fresh perspective and talent that is much needed.

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