October 27, 2023

LNG Scout Reflects on Victory and Looks Ahead to Worlds 2023

Ethan Lim
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After securing a spot in the Knockout stage with a victory against KT Rolster, I had the opportunity to speak with LNG Scout about the series and the team's performance at Worlds 2023.

LNG Scout Reflects on Victory and Looks Ahead to Worlds 2023

Reflecting on the Series

Despite the win against the LCK #3 seed, Scout expressed his dissatisfaction with the team's early game performance throughout the three matches. He rated it a 5 out of 10, highlighting the need for improvement.

In the first game, LNG struggled initially but managed to turn the tides with a well-executed baron call and a game-changing teamfight. Scout credited GALA, the bot laner, for making the decisive call and praised his excellent itemization.

However, KT Rolster bounced back in the second game, capitalizing on LNG's early game struggles. Scout acknowledged the team's efforts to address these issues in the draft for the third game and emphasized the importance of being more focused in the early game.

Stepping Up in the Mid-Game

Despite KT's early kills, LNG showcased their strength in mid-game teamfights. Leveraging their team composition, they executed consistent combos and created an insurmountable lead that their opponents couldn't recover from.

Thoughts on the Swiss Format and Future Matches

As a seasoned veteran with six World Championship appearances, Scout shared his perspective on the new Swiss format. He dismissed the notion that it significantly differs from previous group stages, asserting that strong teams will still prevail.

With their Quarterfinals spot secured, LNG awaits the Swiss Stage Round 5 to determine their opponent. When asked about his preferred opponent and the current Worlds meta, Scout expressed confidence in their potential to defeat any team in the quarterfinals. He acknowledged that the current patch may not be favorable for them but remained optimistic about overcoming it.

Scout's Contribution to the LNG Squad

Scout's experience and insights, gained from living in Korea for a significant portion of his life, have been invaluable to the LNG squad. He actively addresses issues and engages in discussions with the team, providing guidance and support.

Dealing with Pressure and Stress

Despite his laid-back demeanor, Scout shared his strategies for managing pressure and stress. He enjoys watching entertaining videos and listening to music as a means of relaxation, avoiding TV dramas.


LNG Scout's determination and high expectations for improvement are evident in his reflections on the series against KT Rolster. With their sights set on the semifinals, LNG is focused on enhancing their form and overcoming any challenges that come their way.

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